Eurasia Foundation

We believe societies function best when people take responsibility for their own civic and economic prosperity. Through cooperation based on mutual respect, our programs equip citizens to define and achieve outcomes of enduring benefit to their communities.

Eurasia Foundation is a leader in the development of open, just and progressive societies. Its programs promote local economic development, youth engagement, cross border cooperation, independent media and public policy, and institution building. Eurasia Foundation encourages and enables citizens and communities to seek local solutions for local problems. Since 2004, Eurasia Foundation has evolved from a U.S.-based foundation with multiple field offices into the Eurasia Foundation Network – a constellation of affiliated, locally registered foundations in Russia, Central Asia, the South Caucasus, Ukraine and Moldova that work in partnership with Eurasia Foundation in the U.S. Eurasia Foundation also has programs with China where Eurasia Foundation, with its local partners, supports local community development.