1 year 6 months

From the U.S. to Russia, the Social Expertise Exchange brings young journalists together within the Youth TV Bridge Project to learn, share, and grow together as professionals and as people. 

1 year 7 months

Lee Giat, Florida native and videographer, recounts his eye-opening experience with SEE at the Volga Encounters Youth Media Festival.

1 year 7 months

Student Network Television CEO Nancy Loucas travels to Russia to attend the Volga Encounters Festival with the winners of the SEE's 30-second video competition. 

6 years 2 months

New Eurasia Foundation, Eurasia Foundation’s partner in Russia, announces a year-end campaign to raise $4,000 to help Russian orphans and graduates of boarding school transition to adult life.

6 years 4 months

Made in Berdsk: A Story of One Protest Vote, a Eurasia Foundation film challenging the prevailing view that the Russian public remains apathetic, cynical and disengaged from electoral politics, wi

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