2 months 3 weeks

The U.S.-Russia Youth TV Bridge increases collaboration among U.S. and Russian youth through video production. 

3 months 2 days

Apply now to be the next NCURA-EF Fellow! Deadline December 15, 2016. 

EF's SEE program launches new, collaborative disability initiative.
3 months 1 week

Eurasia Foundation's U.S.-Russia Social Expertise Exchange (SEE) program is launching a new effort focused on forming linkages and promoting joint activity between partners addressing disability i

6 months 2 weeks

From the U.S. to Russia, the Social Expertise Exchange brings young journalists together within the Youth TV Bridge Project to learn, share, and grow together as professionals and as people. 

7 months 4 days

Lee Giat, Florida native and videographer, recounts his eye-opening experience with SEE at the Volga Encounters Youth Media Festival.

7 months 4 days

Student Network Television CEO Nancy Loucas travels to Russia to attend the Volga Encounters Festival with the winners of the SEE's 30-second video competition. 

8 months 1 week

Jacki Romey, a retired educator and President of the Student Television Network Board of Directors, reflects on her time in Cheboksary, Russia.

10 months 6 days

Yurii Litovchin, Rector and President of the Humanities Institute of Television and Radio in Moscow, reflects on his time at the Student Television Network conference in Atlanta, GA. 

1 year 10 months

Cleve Mormon was as unlikely an entrepreneur as they come. Opportunities were limited in the segregated Mississippi Delta where he lived in the 1950s, and Mormon, like other African Americans, was expected to earn his living by picking cotton.

1 year 10 months

Through exchanging ideas, both American and Russian child protection advocates are learning from each other how to better secure the rights of children.


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