Jacki Romey at the Student Television Network in Anaheim, California
2 weeks 18 hours

Jacki Romey, president of the  board of directors at the Student Television Network blogs about cross-cultural video production project that brought American and Russian teenagers together 

4 weeks 21 hours

Social Expertise Exchange participant Nikita Kulikov blogs about his exchange experience traveling to the U.S. from Russia and collaborating with U.S. high school video production students.

At the 2017 STN Convention
1 month 3 days

Social Expertise Exchange participant Anna Hrebtova blogs about her experience traveling to the U.S. from Russia.

Lee Giat editing footage
1 month 2 weeks

Social Expertise Exchange participant Lee Giat blogs about his experience traveling to Russia from the U.S. and learning to travel independently.

1 year 7 months

From the U.S. to Russia, the Social Expertise Exchange brings young journalists together within the Youth TV Bridge Project to learn, share, and grow together as professionals and as people. 

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