Independent Media

The Eurasia Foundation Network has supported the development of print and electronic media in almost every country in the region and currently has media projects operating in seven countries.

Independent media outlets continue to confront censorship and a dangerous environment for journalists. The Eurasia Foundation Network supports their critical work by providing technical assistance and grants to improve editorial practices, enhance financial sustainability, and increase media’s use of the Internet.

In the five years since its launch, the Russian Independent Print Media Program (RIPMP) at New Eurasia Foundation in Moscow has worked intensively with regional publications and has helped strengthen a host of high-quality independent media outlets in small cities in the Urals, Siberia and other parts of Russia. The new outlets have revitalized local journalism and are admired by other papers striving to improve content and coverage in the face of both formal and informal censorship.

The RIPMP team is also producing documentaries on the role of the media in local Russian elections, including "Double Diamond Kachkanar: A Mountain, A Factory, and One Town's Uphill Battle to Elect a Mayor." To see Double Diamond Kachkanar, click here.

Since 1993, Eurasia Foundation and its Network partners have invested more than $17 million in the growth of independent media throughout the region.