Request for proposals for consulting services to review and update organizational financial and accounting policies and procedures


Date: September 15, 2021


Eurasia Foundation (EF), a US non-profit organization promoting civil society development and good governance, is seeking technical consulting services (Consultant) to evaluate and improve its operational, financial management, and accounting systems and procedures. The purpose of the consultancy is to strategically update these systems and procedures, and enable EF to pursue and execute contracting mechanisms with US Agency for International Development (USAID) while ensuring full compliance and accountability.

As part of this service contract, EF is anticipating a two-phased approach. During the first phase, Consultant and EF will review EF’s current systems and procedures and develop a detailed list of policies and standards that need to be updated as well as an action plan. In the second phase, EF will engage the Consultant to provide support for the full integration and updating of policies and standards that would enable EF to effectively respond to competitive contracting opportunities.

Included below are some of the major elements that EF is looking to investigate, update, create and implement as part of this service contract. The list may not be all-inclusive, thus, the final list is subject to change based on the initial review, consultations and discussions.

Phase I - Review and assessment of EF’s current practices regarding contracts and develop an action plan with EF staff assistance (estimated cost for Phase I in the range of $10,000-15,000)

Phase II – Creation of compliant procedural manuals and provide guidance and education on best practices which will include, but not limited to, the following (estimated cost is to be determined based on assessment):

Understanding pre-approvals and waivers as part of USAID procurement process

Implementation of Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and compliance

Implementation of Grants under Contract

USAID Contractor Salary Threshold

USAID Small Business Utilization Requirements

US Government Contractor Past Performance Assessment Reporting and Requirements

Understanding typical USAID request for proposal and contract award clauses

Securing a Line of Credit with USAID or other US Government agencies

Truth in Negotiation Act (TINA) - pricing requirements

Representations and Certifications under contracts


For questions and clarifications : Interested parties are welcome to submit their questions regarding this scope of work or other details regarding this assignment by email at [email protected] no later than 5pm Friday, June 25.

Proposal Format and Submission Deadline: Please submit a maximum five-page technical response that outlines that details how the consultant anticipates engaging with EF, relevant organizational capacity, and any technical expert bios to demonstrate expertise, together with a proposed cost estimate broken down for Phase I and Phase II. The deadline for submission is 5pm Friday, July 2nd. Proposals must be submitted by email at [email protected].

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