Strategic Planning Consultant: Draft Scope of Work


  • Location: Global
  • Date Posted: June 20, 2018
  • Application Deadline: July 20, 2018
  • Job Type: Consultant


In close consultation with EF senior managers, guide the development of EF’s next three-year strategy for 2019-2021. Over the course of July 15 – September 30, 2018, the Consultant will provide an analytical and discussion framework for the planning process and serve as a facilitator for discussions of lessons learned, strategic priorities and institutional implications. As part of the analytical framework, the Consultant will propose and guide a process:

  • To select priority countries in EF’s target regions of Eurasia, MENA and Asia.
  • To identify current programs that represent strategic expansion opportunities and those that do not.
  • To gather and synthesize information on donor priorities, particularly EF’s leading clients (USAID, DRL and NEA).
  • To identify key organizational systems whose performance should be targeted for improvement over the next 3-year period (e.g. financial management, program management, communications, board governance).


Proposed Process, Dates and Time Commitment:
The following are the proposed elements of the planning process. They may be adapted as EF senior managers determine appropriate.
  • Initial process design and review of materials (please see below), 1 day
  • First working session, 1.5 days (.5 day preparations/consultations with senior managers, 1 day delivery). The session (target date: July 18) will cover the following topics:
    • Lessons learned over the course of past strategy period – EF successes and failures
    • Current situation
      • Portfolio analysis (program and financial)
      • Organizational SWOT analysis
    • Positioning EF in the marketplace of democracy and governance implementers
      • Key trends & critical uncertainties
      • Initial determination of priority countries and growth areas
    • Initial formulation of practice area descriptions (draft language provided by EF program directors)
    • Identify research needed (to be conducted by EF staff)
  • Second working session, 1 day. The session (target date: August 22) will cover the following topics:
    • Review research findings
    • In depth review of funding trends, EF successes & failures vis-à-vis funding requests
    • Confirm priority countries and program areas
    • Finalize formulation of practice area descriptions
    • Financial planning (inputs to be provided EF finance staff)
      • Optimal and minimal budgets, including annual fundraising and revenue targets
      • Review budget assumptions and implications for headcount, structure, operations
  • Third working session, .5 day. The session (target date: September 12) will be used to offer feedback on the draft strategy.

The Consultant will be expected to review the following materials:

  • EF Strategy for 2016 – 2018
  • Fundraising reports, program reports and other materials submitted to EF Board of Trustees over the past three years
  • Select EF proposal narratives and budgets as well as donor feedback (USAID Moldova My Community, DRL Xingguang (Starlight) Online School, DRL Afrooz School of Youth Activism)
  • EF’s previous and updated mission statements and vision statement


  • Strategy outline by July 31, 2018 (2-3 pages)
  • First draft of the strategy by Aug. 31, 2018 (8-10 pages)
EF staff will be responsible to produce the final version of the strategy (10-12 pages), an executive summary and a PowerPoint presentation of the strategy. These documents will be used to present the strategy to the Board of Trustees at their fall meeting on October 23, 2018.


Please send a cover letter and resume to with "SPC" in the subject line.

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