People face a flood of information every time they go online. Constant streams of eye-catching photos, videos, and articles make distinguishing fact from fiction increasingly difficult. To help consumers critically evaluate information and combat the spread of disinformation online, EF programs are teaching people how to identify and disprove false narratives.
In a two-week online campaign, EF launched quizzes and contests to show users how complex disinformation can appear. Then EF armed participants with critical thinking skills to analyze and debunk misleading information. As part of the campaign, a multimedia journalism expert held a live webinar for over 1,500 people on how to demystify fake news about COVID-19. Throughout the dynamic session, participants were encouraged to apply critical thinking skills they had learned throughout the week by developing questions to fact-check specific COVID-19-related pieces of information. EF focuses on the practical application of skills during training to ensure that participants can take these important skills into their own lives.
To test your own savvy at spotting trolls, who are designed to circulate false narratives, quiz yourself at