Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia

EFCA supports local initiatives in civic engagement, the development of private enterprise, education, and public administration. Program areas include supporting civil society development and improving the quality of services delivered to citizens; improving the quality of education and supporting youth; developing entrepreneurship and supporting economic growth; and promoting corporate social responsibility.

Eurasia Partnership Foundation - Azerbaijan

EPF’s mandates are: creating opportunities for civic and economic participation, including civil society monitoring of government and private sector activities; improving the quality of social science research by building capacity for evidence-based research to improve policy-making; and fostering a culture of corporate and community philanthropy.

East Europe Foundation of Ukraine

EEF, together with local governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses, builds sustainable, long-term development solutions for Ukrainian communities.

East Europe Foundation of Moldova

EEF-Moldova’s mission is to empower Moldovan citizens and foster sustainable development through education and technical assistance programs that promote democracy, foster good governance, and build economic prosperity. 

New Eurasia Foundation

NEE works in two program areas: civil society and community development; and business and economic development. NEE’s programs in these areas focus on bringing together local governments, local non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to create long-term development solutions for Belarusian communities.

Europe Foundation

Europe Foundation (EPF) empowers people to effect change for social justice and economic prosperity through hands-on programs, helping them to improve their communities and their own lives. 

Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) - Georgia

The Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) - Georgia is a non-governmental, non-profit research organization, which collects, analyzes and publishes policy relevant data on social, economic and political trends in Georgia. CRRC-Georgia, together with CRRC-Armenia and CRRC-Azerbaijan, constitutes a network of research centers with the common goal of strengthening social science research and public policy analysis in the South Caucasus.

Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) - Armenia

CRRC-Armenia is a regionally focused and nationally based independent, non-partisan research center that addresses national and regional socio-economic and political challenges via high-quality data collection, analysis and enhancement of the scientific capacity of the research community. 

Eurasia Partnership Foundation - Armenia

Eurasia Partnership Foundation Armenia (EPF) has accumulated 20 years of experience in program implementation, grant making, and cooperation with the Armenian civil society.