Kyiv School of Economics

1996 - present

In 1995, EF convened a consortium of leading organizations — including Carnegie Corporation of New York, Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation, Starr Foundation, World Bank, the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swedish Foreign Ministry — to strengthen economics education and research capacity in the countries of the former Soviet Union. As one of its primary projects, the Economics Education Research Consortium (EERC) launched a two-year master’s degree program in economics at the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in Ukraine.

Program Highlight

At the height of Ukraine’s political upheaval in early 2014, KSE faculty and staff launched the Open Maidan University (OMU). Organized by Pavlo Sheremeta, who was president of KSE at the time, OMU gathered thinkers, business leaders, and academics to help educate Ukrainian citizens about vital economic issues. OMU offered face-to-face public lectures directly on Maidan, covering a wide range of topics, from constitutional reform to the power of free speech in society. OMU also distributed its lectures online through its Facebook page, which gathered nearly 10,000 likes internationally.

By 2003, more than 200 students had graduated with master’s degrees in economics, making them competitive with scholars from Western Europe. Nearly a quarter of the graduates were working in economics policy positions in Ukraine and 45 percent had gone on to postgraduate programs abroad.

Based on these successes, the master’s program was spun off as an independent school: the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). EF helped guide the creation of the KSE’s governance structure, including its board of directors. Through EERC, EF funded both faculty and administrative positions, and helped KSE create a marketing strategy to attract top-notch students.

KSE is now the premier graduate school of economics and management in Ukraine, and its graduates work as academics, consultants, and policy practitioners across Europe. KSE faculty and graduates are major influencers in Ukrainian economic policy and in the economic reform discourse in the country. KSE has also expanded its academic offerings to include a master’s in business and financial economics. Delivered in partnership with the University of Houston, the program allows students studying at KSE to earn a degree from an American university.

For more information about KSE, please visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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