Online School of Social Entrepreneurship (Central Asia)

2013 - 2018

As they seek solutions to address pressing social issues, community leaders in Central Asia are faced with many challenges, including lack of effective management tools and limited exposure to modern models for sustaining their social projects.

In 2013, EF launched a program to strengthen the capacity of young leaders in Central Asia to build more prosperous and stable communities in innovative and sustainable ways. EF pursued this goal through the Online School of Social Entrepreneurship, which fostered robust networks and professional exchanges among a broad group of Central Asian social innovators.

Since its launch, the School’s network grew to include over 900 community leaders from across Central Asia. The School offered courses covering business plan development, fundraising, project management, and financial sustainability. The School offered young leaders practical, hands-on information so participants leave equipped with the tools they need to implement social development projects in the real world. The School fostered social projects focused on identifying alternative energy resources, improving access to education, and increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS among young people. Through the School, EF built a foundation for the long-term development of civil society in the region.

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