Online Women's Entrepreneurship Program

August 2010 - March 2015

The Online Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, EF’s flagship online program, has supported aspiring Iranian entrepreneurs since 2009. The program’s unique approach blends best practices in entrepreneurship development, empowerment approaches, and online education to respond to the needs of driven and talented Iranian women. Craft artists and engineers alike have benefited from EF’s practical and solution-oriented trainings, mentorships, and networking opportunities. By using simple learning technologies, EF ensures accessibility and reaches a diverse applicant pool.

Building on the latest international practices in entrepreneurship development, EF has developed tailored course curricula that take into account both local opportunities and limitations for starting a new business.  EF’s training approach promotes dynamic and proactive business planning, offering a new entrepreneur the agility and flexibility she needs to turn unexpected changes and outcomes into opportunities for innovation and success. Each online course is led by a team of skilled instructors who provide advice and support based on the entrepreneur’s needs and business goals.

In addition to technical expertise, participants gain confidence, courage, and determination as they work collectively to solve problems and overcome obstacles. As a result of the program, a community of women entrepreneurs has emerged, serving as an indispensable source of encouragement and support. 

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