Sports Partnership TV

2018 – 2019 

Sports Partnership TV was an international exchange program that increases peer-to-peer collaboration between U.S. and Russian youth through sports journalism and video production.

This exchange encouraged high school students to build cross-cultural bridges while developing creative and technical skills in video production. Forming a single anchor team, groups of students from one high school in Russia and one in the U.S. worked together virtually to produce quality magazine-style online video and social media content. Participants also developed leadership and storytelling skills while learning about another culture. 

The premiere season of Sports Partnership TV was hosted by students from Middletown High School in Middletown, Connecticut and from Gimn TV Studio in Samara, Russia. Together, they produced video segments covering individual and street sports, team sports, and school sports in both countries and using video footage from both countries. 

If you are interested in broadcast sports journalism, produce and send your video content to Eurasia Foundation to be considered for inclusion in an episode of Sports Partnership TV!  

Watch the season premier of Sports Partnership TV! 

For more details about submitting videos to participate in this exchange, visit SPTV website.

The Sports Partnership TV project is implemented by Eurasia Foundation in partnership with the Student Television Network (Carlsbad, CA) and Volga Encounters Youth Media Festival (Cheboksary, Russia), and with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

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